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By Kids Instant Camera Manufacturer Cheertone | 15 March 2024 | 0 Comments

The Birth of Kids Instant Camera Toy CT-P14

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Children are naturally curious and creative, and they love to explore the world around them. Electronic toys are a great way to stimulate their imagination and learning abilities while providing them with fun and entertainment. However, not all electronic toys are created equal. Some may be boring, low-quality, or even detrimental to kids development.

At the same time, combined with the current fierce competition in the e-commerce market, product homogeneity is becoming more and more serious. How can a manufacturer create electronic toys that are attractive and beneficial to children?

The birth of a new product is inseparable from creativity and countless practices. Creativity is not something you can imagine out of thin air. It needs to go through multiple market surveys and data analysis, and then be improved based on the user's pain points before you can be a good idea.

As the saying goes, practicing the truth means that even a perfect seed cannot bear fruit in barren soil. Therefore, it is not enough to have a good product idea. You also need to rely on professional kids toys manufacturers to realize it. Both are indispensable.

In this article, Cheertone will use the new kids instant print camera CT-P14 as an example to share how, as a professional kids electronic toy manufacturer, we innovate a new product.

1. Project establishment
The implementation of a product project can be roughly divided into several steps: creativity, testing, improvement, and project implementation.

The implementation of new projects is inseparable from preliminary data research and numerous subsequent practical improvements. When developing a new project, we usually first make a table of approximate requirements for the new project in order to determine the functional definition and audience of our new product. The contents of the form are as follows:
New Product Definition - Cheertone R&D Team
New Product Definition - Cheertone R&D Team
As can be seen from the table, the differentiated innovative features of the new product, target user groups, main functions and parameters, and usage scenarios are mainly marked. Among them, these innovative points of the product are not our imagination, but are derived by our design and R&D team through market data research.

2. Implementation of creativity and ideas
① Free combination like building blocks
Cheertone Kids Print Camera CT-P14
Cheertone Kids Print Camera CT-P14
In the toy industry, there is a brand that was founded in 1932 and has a history of 90 years and is still booming. Yes, that's Lego®. According to Lego® 2022 financial report data, as of 2022, full-year revenue increased by 17% year-on-year to 64.6 billion Danish kroner. Growth was driven by strong demand for the company's product , online and in-store retailer partnerships, a strong e-commerce platform and a resilient global supply chain network.

It can be seen that Lego® has a huge influence around the world. It ushered in the era of free combination of toys, and the subsequent STEAM series of toys are even more popular.

Based on our research on the toy market in the past two years, we found that many kids electronic toys are currently displayed in an integrated form and often can only achieve a single function, leaving consumers with no more choices when purchasing.
kids instant print camera toy on amazon
kids instant print camera toy on amazon
In addition, data research shows that the age group of the audience for kids electronic toys is also rising. For older children (children over 12 years old and ability to buy), they prefer to imitate the behavior of adults. So we were wondering, could a kids camera be made like a SLR camera? Allow children to freely change cameras and experience the feeling of being a videographer.

② Instant imaging using thermal printing
As we all know, the technology patent for color film printing is owned by Japan. For example, the Fuji brand Instax mini instant camera is very popular among consumers of all ages. Due to technical patent reasons, we have to use thermal imaging technology to achieve instant printing.
Kids instant camera ct-p14 with colorful penKids instant camera ct-p14 with thermal print paper
Kids instant print camera CT-P14 from Cheertone Toys
Although the thermal imaging printing method can only support black and white images, we have equipped this product with accessories such as colored pens and stickers, so that children can DIY their own pictures and give full play to their imagination.

Compared with similar kids instant cameras on the market, CT-P14 has clearer imaging effects. At the same time, the printing paper is produced from environmentally friendly materials, which is more environmentally friendly and less susceptible to damage.

③ Tripod adjustable 180°
In order to make the CT-P14 suitable for more scenes and have wider uses, we have equipped it with a 180° adjustable tripod stand. Not only can it achieve timed positioning photography mode, but it can also achieve real-time recording of sports similar to GoPro. Let children use more imagination and record the beautiful moments of life from different angles.
kids instant camera CT-P14 With Tripodkids instant camera CT-P14 With Tripod
Kids instant camera CT-P14 With Tripod from Cheertone Toys
④ Other special functions
Cheertone has been deeply involved in the field of kids educational toys for 18 years. We know that kids toys are not only entertainment functions, but also important partners to accompany kids learning and growth.

Therefore, in kids instant camera CT-P14, we have added functions such as learning cards, music, stories, puzzle games, and one-click picture slideshow creation. Let children exercise their thinking skills and learn knowledge while having fun.

In summary, kids instant camera CT-P14 was born. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us for detailed quotations and free test samples.

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