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By Kids Electronic Toy Manufacturer Cheertone | 03 June 2024 | 0 Comments

Big Kids Toys will be the future trend of the toy industry

big kids with smart toys
As the number of children aged 5 to 14 decreases year by year, the toy industry has also declined. To adapt to this trend, you need to find new growth points. An important direction for kids toys to develop toys is to make toys for still naive adults. This article will focus on discussing this population trend, corresponding market demand, and the strategy of toy manufacturers.

Population trend background
According to the US Population Agency for the Population Data Survey Report of 2022-12100, it is expected that the population of the United States will reach 333 million in 2022, of which 59.4 million in children aged 0-14 will account for 17.8%of the US population. Children aged 0-14 will reach 53 million, accounting for 14.6%of the American population, a trend of decline year by year. 

This means that in the future, the number of new children will become less and less, and the phenomenon of aging population will become more and more serious. In addition, the youth group, known as the "big boy", will gradually become the main force of the human group.
Projected Population by Five-Year Age Group and Sex
Projected Population by Five-Year Age Group and Sex
With the further decline in the proportion of kids population, this trend will be further emphasized in the next few years. The toy industry that makes a living for kids consumption may consider the problems that may be faced, but this situation may contain opportunities for market innovation and transformation. Such as "big kids toys".

Big Kids Toys Market Demand
Psychological needs: With the development of social psychology, more and more adults and older children want to find fun and relieve stress through their childhood through toys and games, which provides a strong driving force for the big kids toy market. Modern kids way of playing is becoming more and more diverse. 

Many toys are added to other aged kids groups. Typical examples include hand -made blind box collection, high -end assembly models and high -tech interactive toys.

Many older kids toys have the same educational nature and skill development function, such as puzzle toys, robot programming and scientific experiments. Such toys can not only stimulate users' interest, but also include more knowledge or ability to learn and use. Elderly children meet their learning needs.

In addition, the most important feature of the big kids group is that this group has a certain consumption power. Compared with children aged 5-14, the big kids group can pay more freely for their consumer needs.

What should I do as a toy dealer?
①Product line expansion: 
For traditional kids toy dealers, there are often fixed product series, which continuously increases the types of products for specific age groups. In order to cope with the prospects of the big kids toy market, dealers should try to add kids smart toys that are suitable for children.

For example, the latest Kids Instant Camera CT-P14 series developed by Chertone. This camera is not only applied to children aged 3-12, even 15-year-old+adolescents even adults. Built -in puzzle games and stories and music such as multimedia functions can well cultivate kids thinking and hand -eye coordination ability. The supporting instant printing camera can be used for daily photos, or it can be used for wrong questions. Wait for multiple purposes.

As a buyer, this product will be able to maximize your product market competitiveness to the greatest extent, which can not only meet the needs of children, but also help you expand new product business ports and enhance brand competitiveness.

② Cooperate with professional kids smart toy manufacturers
Cheertone has more than 18 years of experience in kids smart toys manufacturing experience. We have cooperated with many internationally renowned brands to have many OEM and ODM projects. We know that it is not easy to provide competitive products.
The designer is drawing a manuscript for a new kids smartwatch
As a buyer, what is needed is a good, durable, competitive, and well -selling product. Cheertone has professional research and development, design, and production teams to help dealers develop and large -scale production from 0 to 1 from 0 to 1.

In addition, we are also kids smart toy factories certified by BSCI and ISO9001, and are also authorized by Disney to certify peripheral products that produce related IPs. We are committed to creating smart toys that can bring children purely happy to children, and firmly believe that the interests of customers interests first, and conspiracy to develop corporate development concepts.

In conclusion
Although the number of children at the age of 5-14 is declining, the older kids toy market has huge business opportunities. kids smart toy dealers should seize this trend, not only innovate in product concepts, but also to innovate in strategies of developing new market growth points such as brand reinstatement and cross -border cooperation. 

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