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Auchan Custom Mini Retro Arcade CT-882B

About Us and Our Work With Auchan

We are a children’s electronic toy company with more than 10 years of experience in OEM&ODM, with a focus on the research, development, and manufacturing of game consoles, children’s smart watches, and children’s cameras. We have a professional manufacturing process with the result being high-quality products matched only in excellence by our thoughtful service. Our stellar products and service have resulted in a great deal of cooperation with many well-known enterprises abroad. Today, we will cover when we introduced Auchan, the second-largest retailer in France, to a mini version of the retro arcade mini CT-882B, a popular device in its larger incarnation in the 1990s. We hope through discussing this case it will help provide you with more information about the OEM project involved in this kind of game machine.

About the Auchan Customer Mini Retro Arcade CT-882B

Auchan has more than 4000 retail stores worldwide with a very strong product supply chain. They have very strict requirements for their suppliers and once they’ve chosen once they do not generally change them. Their choice of suppliers is mainly reflected by the following four aspects:

Whether the manufacturing plant of the product has passed the factory certificate certification (such as BSCI, ICTI, ISO9001, SEDEX, etc.)

Whether all the materials used for the product are environmentally friendly, if they have passed the product certificates (such as CE, RoHs, EN71, EMC, etc.) and whether all the certificates are in accordance with the latest standards issued by the European Union.

Whether the production strength of the factory can guarantee on-time delivery and control the product quality.

Whether the product price provided by the supplier is advantageous in the market.

Our Initial Interaction With Auchan

We first met our new customer at the Hong Kong electronics show in 2018. At this exhibition many products were drones, robots, and other high-end electronic products. In contrast, our console showed a great deal of product diversity, with many customers being attracted. Auchan’s Hong Kong purchasing representative took a great liking to our mini game console at the exhibition and inquired about the specific product details, delivery date, payment method, and so forth. They purchased a sample (CT-882B) and then sent it to their headquarters for examination and testing. After the exhibition, we kept in contact with this customer. Four months later, the customer informed us that our product had been selected by them and their order would be sent to us by March 2019.

Auchan Custom Mini Retro Arcade CT-882B Production Process

Auchan has strict quality control and feels highly responsible to their consumers, with a factory inspection process for each cooperation supplier. Therefore, before they placed an order we needed to conduct a strict inspection of our factory to be sure it would meet their requirements, and also to ensure we would be able to meet the expected delivery time and quality of products.

I.  Customer Factory Inspection

Auchan’s inspections utilize well-known notarization institutions entrusted to SGS for the purposes of inspection. These inspections involve examining such factors as personnel qualifications, personnel training plans, production equipment repair and maintenance records, quality analysis, chemical material specifications, the employee handbook, the flow chart of production, the factory layout, workshop floor plan, document traceability and controlling, certification of the factory, and so forth. Our colleague in charge of the factory inspection led the person in charge of SGS to our QA department so as to check the report sheet in incoming materials and the product quality test sheet. They also went to the production department to engage in further inspection. Each production position had corresponding production operation instruction. After a day of factory inspection, SGS then sent the factory inspection sheet to the customer. We waited 2 days and then the customer (Auchan) let us know that we met their factory inspection requirements. They established a business relationship with us!

II.  Detailed Requirements of the Order

Auchan’s purchasing office in Hong Kong sent us their order. This order of game console was divided into three batches to be exported to three countries. The content sent to us by Auchan was also different, making it necessary to check the contents of the three batches of goods before production so that we could distinguish the corresponding labels and stickers in the production process.

Customer based on neutral version of OEM content

  1. Design of Color Box and Manual

As Auchan wanted to export the products to different countries for sale, the products on the color boxes were not only in one language, but we needed to print three different languages for the three countries on the color boxes. In addition, the manual needed to be made with three different languages as well, with the necessary warnings in all the languages. Upon receiving the three relevant materials sent by Auchan, we arranged the production department so that it was able to make samples before taking photos and supplying these to the customer for confirmation.

  1. Label Stickers

We needed to add the customer’s product number, company information, website address, CE label Logo and so forth to the bottom of our neutral game console.

  1. Carton Size

Large chain stores such as Auchan have strict requirements regarding the packing specifications of goods. As a box of a smaller size is conducive to the storage of our goods, it will not occupy much storage space. In addition, Auchan required cartons shipped to the different countries to be labeled with the corresponding national boxes, so we were careful in the process of producing our labels so as to avoid pasting incorrect content and causing shipping troubles.

  1. OEM Battery Cover

The customer (Auchan) needed to have added CE and garbage can labels on the back cover of the battery of the game machine, and the size needed to be in accordance with the European size standard.

III. Problems Encountered in Proofing

In the proofing of the product, we encountered three minor problems. They were as follows:

  1. Color Box

The color boxes are generally divided into two types–a skylight color box and a gift box. The skylight color box tends to be more popular in supermarkets, but an issue can occur if the size of the skylight is improperly adjusted, affecting the appearance of the product. With this order from Auchan, we encountered a problem with uncoordinated color in the box opening skylight ratio. The customer requested an increase to the size of the skylight according to our neutral color box. When we made samples according to the customer’s requirements, we found that the blister of the game console poked out. According to our many years of OEM production experience, we knew that products need to be produced according to customer needs as products produced need to have satisfying aesthetics for the entire product. Therefore, our production leader in charge examined these problems and helped our business colleagues communicate with our customers and suggest that the customers adjust the customized content further to fit according to the proportion of the skylight size of our netural products.

  1. Printing Issues

After examining the customer production instruction design request, we found that some words were too long may be cut off by the die-cut lines. When we arranged a sample printing, we were concerned that if we make a mass-production of the products according to the design of Auchan, it might result in shoddy content and receive customer complaints. This would of course not only affect the sales of products and reputation of them in the supermarket but could damage the brand image of the supermarket as well. We discussed this concern with Auchan and suggested they could move the wording from the side to the middle of the manual, with the result being a design effect that would be free of an issue and satisfy customers.

  1. Label Concerns

As our customer, Auchan, is from a chain store and has strict requirements on product safety and environmental protection, CE and garbage can labels needed to be added to the back of the battery. After we received this request we immediately went to make samples. We made samples according to the proportion given by Auchan and sent them to Auchan for confirmation. However, we found that the size proportion of CE label did not match the trash can. Upon observing this, we directly asked the customer to provide the standard size requirements of these two labels from Europe, and then we asked the design department to process the effect drawing and send it to Auchan for confirmation. Finally, we also rescheduled the sample making and sent photos to Auchan for confirmation. After they told us that there was no problem, we sent the machine/manual/color box together to them for confirmation and to have them signed back to us for mass goods reference.

IV.  Mass Production Stage and Shipment Matters

As this mini retro arcade is a hot seller for us, all the raw materials and production items are very strictly controlled. All our workers are very familiar with the production process of this game console, so the production process did not encounter any major problems. Before production, the relevant department of our factory made a form of the purchase materials and detailed the production process for this batch of game consoles. It allowed the salesman to send it to Auchan so they could understand the production requirements and conditions.

During the early stage of production, we purchased the materials and the QC department conducted an incoming inspection to control the quality. Qualified materials were put into SMT department, injection department, and production department for production. In addition, there was a work instruction for workers to refer to during the production procedure in each production position, and there was also a plan for 100% product test. During the final assembly of the console, the QA department visited the production department at regular intervals to check the product quality was according to the requirements of the customer (Auchan) and ALQC.

Should any problems be found in the process, they were reported in a timely manner to the production department for maintenance and the workers were informed which details needed to be paid extra attention to during the production process so as to avoid the same problem occurring again. In addition, as this order was exported to three countries In addition since the order was exported to three countries, we paid special attention to the instructions of the packaging during the packaging stage of this game console, so as to avoid mixed packaging, which can cause unnecessary troubles to customers in the later stage.

Auchan was quite eager to put this batch of goods on the shelf so we were required to deliver the goods in early May. After extensive coordination and cooperation between various departments in our factory, the product assembly department was able to open three lines dedicated to assembling these products. This allowed us to successfully meet the delivery time given by Auchan. Later, they also arranged SGS notarization to conduct a 100% product inspection. After one days’ worth of spot-checking, all the bulk of products passed the inspection.

The next step was shipment. We delivered the goods to the designated supervised warehouse according to the data and requirements that were given to us by Auchan. Since this order was exported to three countries–and each receiving port was different–we made sure to arrange the goods in a clear order when loading the container and attached an extra country label to each order so as to facilitate unloading at the supervised warehouse. At the same time, we also taken pictures to the customer so as to track the inquiries after the goods arrived at the supervised warehouse.

V. Order Feedback and Harvest

After the goods arrived in their respective countries, we sent an email to Auchan for their feedback immediately. Their feedback said that our products were liked by many consumers, that they highly appreciated our control of every detail of the products as well as our strict control of the quality of the bulk goods, and they said they intended to soon reorder and that they were looking forward to our new follow-up products.

In doing this project, we were able to establish a good cooperative relationship with our customer (Auchan) and gained their full trust and recognition. We received a great deal of customer recognition and appreciation thanks to being able to deliver the product within Auchan’s specified delivery period. Our factory has many years of OEM&ODM development and the coordination between each department’s workers ensures skilled production. We were able to win the trust and cooperation of Auchan and met their higher requirements with our excellent products. We always, “Strive for perfection,” so as to create the best products for our customers that are matched only by our high-quality service.

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